New Paltz Community Center, 3 Veteran’s Drive

June 15th 12-2pm: Self-Care Acupressure & Massage

with L. Ruth Kalvert, MA, LMT, SME, RYT

Listen to the body's call for attention through nurturing, informed touch and subtle movement.


In this experiential workshop, we will explore touch as an aspect of self-nurturance and create an internal go-to body map for returning to balance. We will play with a set of self-acupressure points through ballwork, your own thumbs, your energetic palm center, and your own relationship to gravity and levity. You can be in a chair, on a mat, standing.

Arrive as you are.

L. Ruth Kalvert, MA, LMT, SME, RYT, is an explorer of the body’s capacity for establishing baseline resilience, containment, and restorative support to enter into relationship with wellness.  She brings her experience as a fellow journeyer, bodyworker, massage therapist, yoga teacher, somatic movement therapist, anthropologist and mental health counselor to facilitate individuals and groups on their wellness journeys.

MAY 18th 12-2pm: Herbal Infusions for Vitality

with Heather Bruntil

“My daily cup of nourishing herbal infusion is my safeguard against cancer, my longevity tonic, and my beauty treatment – all in one cup.” - Susun Weed


An herbal infusion extracts vitamins and minerals from plants to nourish ourselves daily. These infusions provide our body fundamental support to help heal from the inside out – building strong bones and teeth, strengthening our cardiovascular system, supporting collagenous tissue, soothing and healing damage to the gut lining, and tonifying our organs for maximum health.


Consider adding a nourishing herbal infusion to your day and reap the rewards.

Heather Bruntil is a Consulting Herbalist residing in New Paltz, New York. She works with clients on an individual basis to find balance and harmony in their body. Heather walks with clients on their path to help them cultivate vitality and wellness from within.

APRIL 20th 12-2pm: Naturopathic Self-Care Guide for Chronic Illness with Glenn Finley, ND and Ileana Tecchio, ND, LAc

Discover how Naturopathic approaches to Lyme and other chronic illnesses can inform and inspire your self-care and healing practices.


At this workshop, participants will learn diet and nutritional options for improving overall health, optimizing the immune system, and managing Lyme disease.  By gaining understanding of the various detoxication pathways of the body, you can lower the toxic burden and strengthen your resistance to pathogenic debris.  The workshop will also address the "cortisol component," which includes the stress of overcoming chronic illnesses.  Specific naturopathic techniques to improve adrenal health will be shared, which can help to balance the nervous system and improve overall health.

Dr. Glenn Finley & Dr. Ileana Tecchio are co-founders of New Leaf Holistic Health in Kingston, NY, and have both been in private practice for over 14 years.  They both earned their Naturopathic Doctorate degrees from the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon.

Dr. Finley’s philosophy is that optimal health begins with digestion and assimilation.  He specializes in digestive disorders, detoxification, skin conditions, food allergies, men’s and children’s health, and enjoys a general family practice.

Dr. Tecchio’s philosophy emphasizes healing the root causes of illness, while giving her patients the opportunity to reach their full health potential. Her practice includes naturopathic & Chinese medicine, acupuncture, homeopathy, and eastern and western botanicals, with a specialization in women’s and children’s health.

MARCH 16th 12-2pm: The Essential Role of Detoxing in Healing Chronic

Illness with Fran Sussman, Holistic Health Practitioner

Learn simple tools to address and release toxic habits on every level of your life: physical, emotional, and mental.


Detox isn’t only about what to eliminate, but also about gaining tools, support, and community that enhance vitality and resilience in everyday life. Developing a robust support system and a positive sense of self are some of the most important tasks anyone can do for their overall health and well-being. It's even more important when dealing with a depleting illness! Through simple writing exercises and dialogue, participants will increase their awareness of additional healing forces available to them, and bring these more consciously into their lives.

Fran Sussman has been a holistic health practitioner for almost a quarter of a century. She works with clients at her Chester NY office and by phone/skype, as well as offering two online courses: "Zen Vitality Detox," and "Resilience: Thriving through Illness and Recovery." Fran has come through trauma, decades of Lyme Disease, and breast cancer, and at the age of 62, is healthy, happy, juicy and joyful. She provides non-invasive holistic solutions for her clients, with love, compassion, support, and great success.


with Karla Karpowicz

Join us for a fun, safe exploration of how dance therapy can ease symptoms of Lyme and other illnesses.


In this experiential workshop, participants will learn how the connection of the mind and body can help ease symptoms of Lyme disease and other illnesses. Through the gentle and creative exploration of Dance/Movement Therapy techniques such as mindful breathwork and body awareness, participants will have the opportunity to learn self-care practices to foster symptom/pain management, wellness, and comfort.

KARLA KARPOWICZ, MA, LCAT, BC-DMT is a NYS Licensed Creative Arts Therapist and Nationally Board Certified Dance/Movement Therapist who is the owner of Hudson Valley Creative Counseling, a Dance/Movement Psychotherapy practice in Newburgh, NY.  Previously, she served clients with varying illnesses and needs through local and distant agencies, and was part of "Dance with Parkinson's," a study completed with Northwestern Medical Center. Experienced in working with many clients who suffer from chronic pain due to illness, Karla is passionate about the promotion of wellness, healing, and growth through the utilization of the mind-body connection.


with Amanda Christan Burran

Join our circle for a guided reflection and dialogue to uncover ways your experience with chronic illness can support your spiritual growth.


In this workshop, we will look at ways to access a space of grace that can support our body, mind & soul. Finding what is sacred within the Lyme journey is a huge exploration, a wild adventure into the depths of our deepest being.  Participants will experience how Native American drumming, singing, and flute can help create a safe, sweet healing space.

No matter how painful Lyme may be, we can allow it to lead us to more of what we love.

Amanda Christan Burran is a spiritual counselor & teacher of Cherokee ancestry who has been studying the Native Way for over 20 years. She is also an energy medicine practitioner and Ordained Interfaith Minister.  Through her own journey with Lyme, she found a transformative grace & power that she is passionate about sharing with others. Amanda Christan is currently enrolled training at The Core Energetics Institute to become a Body-based Psychotherapist.


with Linda Erman, MPS,LCAT,SEP

Warm up and self-soothe with a colorful fiber art experience.  The simple, sensory-rich craft of needle felting can be a satisfying way to reduce stress. This relaxing and restorative craft experience has been described as feeling both comforting and deliciously aggressive. No previous experience or expertise in

art-making is needed.

Linda Ellen Erman, MPS LCAT SEP is a NYS Licensed Creative Arts Therapist and SE® (Somatic Experiencing) Practitioner.  She specializes in helping people use body awareness, imagery and the creative process to overcome anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress.

Linda maintains an “Embodied Art Therapy” practice in New Paltz. She is also on the clinical treatment team at Health Alliance of the Hudson Valley’s Adolescent Partial Hospitalization Program.


with Lori Wynters, PhD

This soothing, pressure-free yoga class will provide beginner guidance and will accommodate a wide range of physical capacities and challenges.  All are welcome - Appropriate for anyone facing any health challenge who is seeking more wellness in body, mind & spirit. Please bring your yoga mat if you have one. There will be a few available to borrow. You may also choose modified chair yoga.

LORI WYNTERS, PhD, is a yoga teacher and practitioner in the Kripalu tradition who draws from her experience in somatic psychology, dance, movement, and sacred texts, music, and teachings from diverse traditions. As faculty at Goddard College and SUNY New Paltz, she teaches and continues her learning about the creative process and yoga/dance/music as medicine.

Lori Wynters - Goddard College


with CATHY VOGT, Certified Health Coach & Professional Chef

Bone broths, vegetable broths, and sea vegetable based broths are traditional healing foods in many cultures. Properly prepared broths are nutrient dense, easy to digest, soothing, and delicious. Learn how to prepare and incorporate simple broths into your daily meals, and discover the benefits of quick and easy blender soups. Samples and recipes provided.

CATHY VOGT is a board certified health coach, culinary translator and author.  Cathy’s upcoming book , “Cultivating Joy in the Kitchen” will be released late Fall 2015.  Cathy is the owner of A Natural chef offering nutritional coaching programs, personal chef services for individuals and groups and professional recipe development services.  Find out more about Cathy at:


with Dr. Bruce Schneider

NET is a mind-body technique that uses a methodology of finding and removing neurological imbalances related to the physiology of unresolved stress. NET is a tool that can help improve many physical conditions.  Our bodies are engineered to respond to stress effectively, but our response system is sometimes overwhelmed and we remain tense and contracted. When unresolved stress and negative emotions like fear, anger, and grief are released, we can relax, return to our true nature, and become healthier.  We soften and reconnect with who we are.

Bruce Schneider, Doctor of Chiropractic has been in private practice for 29 years. He is a graduate of New York Chiropractic College and has trained with the Upledger Institute for Cranio-Sacral Therapy. Dr. Schneider completed a four year program in the Pathwork, a dynamic process for deepening self awareness.  He has found much success in integrating NET into helping clients in their process of healing from a range of health challenges and chronic illnesses, including Lyme and other tick-borne diseases.

JUNE 17th 2015 Introduction to Ayurveda

with Ami Jayaprada Hirschstein, ERYT

Ayurveda is the ancient healing science of India and sister science to yoga.  Based on a five elemental theory, Ayurveda works on creating balance through diet and lifestyle.  It considers each person a unique combination of the five elements and gives lifestyle tools accordingly.

Ami Jayaprada Hirschstein, ERYT is owner of Jai Ma Yoga Center. She has been teaching yoga and healing for almost twenty years.  Ami holds certifications in Anusara Yoga, Kripalu Yoga and Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy.  She is author of,” The Pocket Guide to 108 Yoga Poses.” Ami is an 650 hour certified Ayurveda Health Counselor with Kripalu School of Ayurveda.

MAY 2015 EFT “tapping

with Wendy Blair

An introduction to EFT to learn how tapping can help reduce the emotional pain and mental stress linked to chronic illness.  EFT is a type of “emotional acupressure” that helps lessen the intensity of emotional reactions to both current and past events by lightly tapping on various acupuncture points.

Wendy Blair, LCSW-R, is an accredited certified level 2 EFT Practitioner with AAMET, the largest EFT certification body in the world.   Wendy has been a psychotherapist since 1977, and has trained in various traditional and alternative mental health modalities.  She has had a daily mindfulness practice for over 25 years, and integrates both EFT and mindfulness-oriented practices into her clinical work with clients.

APRIL 15th 2015 Finding Ease through the Alexander Technique

with Elizabeth Castagna

Just as our heart beats, breathing happens without effort. Even the slightest attempt to breathe is unnecessary. The air exchange happens by itself. In this way our breath is the messenger of our body. When we allow ourselves to be breathed the pace of our breath reflects back to us how we are feeling. Once we connect to this natural flow of energy and let go of “doing” our breathing, we feel less pain, calmer, increased circulation and find ease of movement, peaceful mind.

Elizabeth Castagna is an Alexander Technique teacher and Visual Artist. In her art and teaching she explores the possibilities we have to sense and connect to ourselves, each other, and our environment. The question "What moves us?" is her life-long curiosity and inspiration.

MARCH 18th 2015 Rife Machine Therapy: A Useful Modality

with Mark Jordan

Learn how this alternative approach can be useful in supporting your wellness.  Many with Lyme report positive results from Rife technology, which uses ultrasound frequencies to address microbial infections and to produce a range of other health benefits. Guest speaker Mark Jordan will explain how Rife machines operate, the types of machines, some historical background, and how Rife therapy may fit into a treatment plan for Lyme and other tick-borne diseases. Mark Jordan's knowledge is based in an electrical engineering background, personal research, and general health principles from his 40 year health practice. Mark Jordan is licensed to practice Chiropractic and to provide healing services as a pastoral medical practitioner.  While medical advice should not be expected, much useful information will be shared and discussed.  We hope to see you there!

FEBRUARY  25th 2015 Gentle Wellness Yoga

with Lori Wynters, PhD

Join us for a restorative yoga workshop to explore its many health benefits. This gentle, pressure-free class will provide beginner guidance and     will accommodate a wide range of physical capacities and challenges.  All are welcome - Appropriate for anyone facing any health  challenge who is seeking more wellness in body, mind & spirit. Please bring your yoga mat, or choose modified chair yoga

Lori Wynters, PhD, is a yoga teacher and practitioner in the Kripalu tradition who draws from her experience in somatic psychology, dance, movement, and sacred texts, music, and teachings from diverse traditions. As faculty at Goddard College and SUNY New Paltz, she teaches and continues her learning about the creative process and yoga/dance/music as medicine.

JANUARY  21st 2015 Healing Gifts of Flower Essence

with Lori Wynters, PhD

An experiential flower essence journey to learn how incorporating them can support you on your healing path.  Open yourself up to the healing gifts of the flowers and pause for a moment to reflect inward.  Flower essences are an extension of the qualities of the herbs, and complement individualized approaches with a subtle yet profound influence on well-being.


Heather Bruntil, a clinical herbalist, has found that integrating flower essences into her practice has been supportive in her quest to help clients find balance and harmony in their body. Heather uses complementary tools such as herbs, food, movement, and lifestyle changes in order to fully cultivate vitality from within.

DECEMBER  17th 2014 Simple, Healing Foods for Lyme

with Lori Wynters, PhD

Join us in learning simple and nourishing methods that turn common foods found in your kitchen into super foods for healing your body.

Adriana Magaña has been cooking deeply satisfying food for clients and customers for over 20 years and specializes in foods that are known to heal the gut, the source of our immune system. Adriana offers private nutritional counseling, and cooking classes and is committed to nourishing those healing from Lyme disease.

NOVEMBER  19th 2014 Herbal Treatments for Lyme

with Lisa Ferguson

Learn about the various herbal protocols that are currently being used to address Lyme Disease in all stages of the condition, including popular protocols like Stephen Buhner’s. We will review:

1.     Remedies for immediately after tick bite

2.     Remedies for early stage Lyme with or without antibiotic therapy

3.     Chronic and late stage Lyme Remedies

4.     Co-infections

5.     The psycho-spiritual implications of Lyme disease

Lisa Ferguson is a Traditional Western Herbalist, Yoga teacher, and Flower Essence practitioner who has been in practice for 20 years in the Mohawk Valley of Central New York. She has worked for over 10 years with people with Lyme disease using a wide variety of herbal remedies and flower essences. Based in Vitalist teachings, Lisa ’s philosophy is to access and partner with the natural healing capacity within us all through nourishing, strengthening, and the release of obstacles that may be impeding this process.

OCTOBER  15th 2014 Cleansing Lifestyle

with Lisa Ferguson

Learn how to bring detoxification easefully into your daily life to aid your recover of Lyme.  With this approach we seek not only to eradicate the Lyme, but also

to restore the life force energy which is the body’s innate ability to heal.

Workshop participants will learn:


1. The relationship between tick-borne diseases & toxicity

2. What a cleansing lifestyle is and why it's essential to healing from Lyme

3. The basics of implementation

Guest speaker Hillary Thing is a Licensed Acupuncturist, Certified Herbalist & Detox Specialist who has been in private practice for 18 years. In working intensively with Lyme patients over the past 10 years, Hillary has found that effective holistic treatment must be both comprehensive and strategic.

OCTOBER  3rd 2014 Fall Feast Potluck: Promoting Wellness in the Lyme Community.  Cooking class & demo

with Cathy Vogt, Health Counselor & Professional Chef

Tick-borne diseases and chronic illness inevitably affect what and how we eat, and this is an opportunity to come together and enjoy a shared journey toward healthier eating. Our gathering will start with a fun cooking class & demo, "The Sweetness of Fall: Satisfying Sugar-craving with Whole Foods."

SEPTEMBER  17th 2014 Qigong Class

with Amy Shoko Brown

aA Qigong class geared especially toward those living with Lyme and other tick-borne and chronic illnesses. Qigong (pronounced “chee-gung”) is a Chinese martial art that emphasizes synchronized breathing and gentle, physical movement with awareness and “moving meditation.”

Amy Shoko Brown brings her training in Somatic Experiencing, Qigong (chi kung, energy work), art therapy and meditation to her creative, body-oriented, healing work. Amy's 25+ years experience as a meditation practitioner and teacher will inform and enrich our groups' ongoing focus on mindfulness-based approaches and practices.

AUGUST  20th 2014 Lymph Detox Self-Massage

with Tim Curtis-Verderosa

This workshop will help us further understand our own natural detoxing system. We will learn and apply simple self-massage techniques to promote the natural balance that our bodies seek.

Guest teacher Tim Curtis-Verderosa is a bodyworker and energy healer, certified as a massage therapist since 2003. Tim incorporates techniques from different modalities (e.g. Swedish, Tui Na, Medical, Sports, Lymph Drainage) based on professional training and practical experience.

APRIL-JULY  2014 Mindful Self-Care / Coherent Breathing

with Meredith Johnson, Wellness Counselor

During these first monthly workshops, the series facilitator Meredith Johnson led the group in practicing Coherent Breathing and other mindfulness-based self-care approaches.  The rhythm of breath utilized in coherent breathing creates a correspondence response throughout the autonomic nervous system, thus reversing the effects of cumulative stress and increasing our body’s natural restorative and healing functions.  Beyond learning and practicing this particular technique together, the group explored a range of mindful self-care practices and supported one another in applying tools in daily living that improve our quality of life and feelings of well-being.  A strong circle of support took form and continues to offer those living with chronic illness a welcoming place to connect with others who truly understand and to share learning experiences about practices that optimize health, healing & well-being.

Meredith works with individuals and groups to strengthen resilience, with a specialized focus on reducing the negative impact of cumulative stress, trauma, and chronic illness. Meredith earned her MS in Mental Health Counseling, and draws on her professional training and background in body-centered trauma resolution, tick-borne and chronic illnesses, emotional first aid, and a range of holistic healing modalities. She brings mindfulness practices into her programs to help facilitate restorative, empowering, and often healing experiences. Lessons from her own journey with Lyme and chronic illness continue to guide her personal and professional pursuit of optimal health & wellness.